Friday, November 2, 2012
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PTU Happy Thanksgiving

This tutorial was written by Millie on November 2, 2012
Any similarity to any other is just coincidence. 
I used PSPX2 but any version should work just fine. 
Let's get started!

Artist: Keith Garvey 
I got this tube when he was selling at MPT

Scrapkit: Gobbles and Glitters by BLT-Dezignz

Mask: Any of choice

Font: I used Homicidal 1 and LainieDaySH for the name

*use this drop shadow all throughout 0 0 50 3*
c/p means copy and paste
sharpen by going to adjust menu and then to sharpen

File - new - 700x700
Flood fill with white, rename background
Open Thks_Frame2, resize by 65%, sharpen
c/p as new layer, rename it frame
Add drop shadow
Open your full tube, c/p as new layer
Place in the middle to your liking
Duplicate layer, change blend mode to soft light
Merge down and add drop shadow
Duplicate tube, move one under the frame layer
Back to the top tube, with eraser, erase the legs that are showing in front of frame
Go to background layer
Open Thks_pp13, c/p as new layer
With your selection tool draw a rectangle bigger than the center of your frame
Selections - invert - delete - selections - none
Go to your frame layer
Open Thks_branch1, resize by 50%, sharpen
Move to the top right of your tag, add drop shadow
Duplicate this layer and move down and to the left some
With your eraser tool, erase part of the branch that is showing on left side of tube
Go to the very top layer
Open your Thks_Button1, resize it by 50% 2x, sharpen
c/p as a new layer, with your deform tool rotate it to the right some
Move it to the right of your frame and add drop shadow
Open your Thks_Turkey2, resize by 50% 2x, sharpen
c/p as a new layer, move it to the left of your frame, add drop shadow
Open Thks_ribbon2, resize by 50%, sharpen
c/p as new layer, add drop shadow, move under button layer, and center it some
Go to your frame layer
Open Thks_Tag2, resize by 50%, sharpen
c/p as new layer, add drop shadow, place to your liking
Open Thks_scarecrow1, resize by 50%, then 80%, sharpen
c/p as new layer, move to the left of the frame, add drop shadow
Open Thks_flowers, resize by 50%, c/p as new layer
Place to your liking on the left side of your tube
With your eraser tool, erase some of the excess branch showing above frame
Add drop shadow
This kit is full of lovely elements, open them resize them, sharpen them.
Use them to your liking and when you are done, close your background layer
Merge visible
Open Thks_pp18, resize to 700x700, c/p as new layer
Move above your background layer
Apply your mask
Layers - new mask - from image
Find your mask in your source window, create from source luminance
Hit ok, merge group
Resize your paper to 200x200 and minimize it
Go to your text tool 
With Homicidal 1 font change your background to texture and pick your paper
Put a color from your tag in your foreground
Size 72, anti-atlas sharp, stroke 2
Go to your top layer and write Happy Thanksgiving
Convert to raster layer
Effects - 3d effects - inner bevel
bevel 2, width 5, smoothness 2, depth 2, ambiance 2, shininess 2
angle 315, intensity 50, elevation 30, color - white
Add drop shadow of 2 2 50 5
Move text where you like it
Delete background layer
Merge visible
Add the credits and your name
We are done!
Thanks for trying my tutorial :)


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