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Friday, October 5, 2012
*Click on image to view full-size*

This tutorial was written by me on October 5th, 2012.
I assume that if you're trying this you have moderate knowledge in PSP.
I use PSP version X2.
Any similarities are just coincidence.

Cluster Frame: Country Days and find here

Tube: Roman Zaric - Pumpkin Spice
Get it HERE

Mask: Melissaz Creationz Mask 11 HERE

Plugins: xero - porcelain and radiance, mura meister - clouds, xenofex2 - constellation

Font of your choice

File - New - 700x700 transparent raster, flood fill with white.
Open your Country Days cluster frame, c/p as a new layer

Open your tube, copy and paste as a new layer, resize it to your liking, see mine for reference
Move under the frame and place it to your liking
Effects - Xero - Porcelain default setting but change your blue channel to 0, adjust - sharpen

Duplicate your tube and place it above the frame
With your selection tool select bottom half of tube on the top and delete
Selections - none
Add drop shadow to the bottom tube and to the frame

With your selection tool draw a rectangle around your frame
Go to background layer, add new layer and flood fill with any color for right now
Change your background to gradient and use 2 colors from your frame
I used #de690e for the background and #fcb118 for the foreground
FG/BG gradient, Angle 45, Repeats 3, Invert not checked and hit ok
New layer, flood fill with gradient
Effects - Mura Meister - Cloud with these settings:
Effect: 100, amount 100, grain 3, contrast 69, bias 0, light 0, cubic 0, blur 0, contour 0
Selections none

Open your tube, c/p as a new layer, image - mirror and place to the left of the frame
See mine for reference, add xero radiance at default setting
Duplicate tube, image - mirror and place to the right of the frame
With your eraser take off excess of top tube that is on the other side of main tube to make sure they are not overlapping
Merge tubes together, change blend mode to screen and opacity to 65, merge down to the gradient

Duplicate gradient w tubes 
Apply Xenofex2 Constellation with following settings:
star size 1.98, edge star density 50, overall star density 25, overdrive 50, 
twinkle amount 75, twinkle rotation 45, make selection transparent ticked
random seed 1
Change opacity to 57 or to whatever you like best
Close your background layer and merge visible

Go to background layer and add new layer
Flood fill with your gradient
Apply your mask (MC - Mask11)
With your deform tool resize mask to fit around the frame
Look at mine for placing

Crop your tag to your liking

Delete your background layer, merge visible
Add your copyright information and your name
Thanks for trying my tutorial


  1. WOW WOW WOW you made my cluster frame look sooooo freaking awesome hun!!!! GORGEOUS!!! hugs xxxx




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