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Sunday, October 28, 2012
*click on image to view full-size*

FTU Fabulous

This tutorial was written and created by Millie on October 28, 2012.
I am assuming if you're doing this tutorial that you have PSP knowledge.
I use PSPX2 but any version should be okay.
Any resemblence to any other is coincidence and not intended.

Artist: Tony Tzanoukakis HERE
Template: 106 by me HERE 
Mask: any of your choice
Font: I used Impact and Carlotta for the name
Plugins: xero - porcelain, penta - color dot, dragonfly - retrodots, vm extravaganza - transmission
Sparkles of choice

c/p = copy and paste

Open template 106, ctrl + d, close original
Delete cr layer and make background layer visible
Go to layer 2, merge down to layer 1
Effects - Dragonfly - RetroDots with settings below:

Go to layer 3, effects - penta - color dot(default settings)
Change value to 255 and distance to 5, hit ok
Open tube close up, c/p as a new layer, move tube so the fact shows at top of layer 3
Back to layer 3, selections - all, float, defloat, invert, back to tube, delete
Selections - none
On tube xero - porcelain - default, change blue channel to 0
Change blend to luminance (L), opacity to 90
Go to layer 4, open your tube close-up, c/p as a new layer
Move to the left of the oval, duplicate, image - mirror
Merge tubes together
Click inside layer 4 with your magic wand, then go back to tubes you just placed
selections - invert - delete, invert
Back on layer 4, new layer, flood fill with gradient (use 2 colors from tube)
Foreground/background gradient, sunburst, angle 36, repeat 3
Back on tubes - xero - porcelain same setting as above 2x
Change blend mode to luminance (L), and change opacity to 80
New layer, selections - select selections borders, 
both sides, 1
new layer, flood fill with white, adjust - add noise - uniform, 100
Selections none
Go to layer 5, c/p tube close up, place in center of circle
back to layer 5, click inside of it with magic wand
effects, vm extravaganza, transmission, default settings
go to tube layer, selections - invert - delete
selections - none, change blend mode to screen
Go to layer 7 and merge down to layer 6
Go to layer 6, c/p tube close up as a new layer
Move the face so its inside the top circle on layer 6\
Back on layer 6 with your magic wand click inside the top circle
Back on tube, selections - invert, delete, selections - none
Duplicate tube, move the duplicate so its on top of the bottom circle in layer 6
Merge these two together, duplicate, image - mirror, merge down
Effects - porcelain, change blend mode to screen
Back on layer 6, selections - all, float - defloat, new layer
Flood fill with gradient same as before, go to tube layer again and add new layer
Selections - select selections borders, 
both sides, 1
new layer, flood fill with white, adjust - add noise - uniform, 100
Selections none
Go to layer 9, open your full tube, c/p as a new layer
Place tube on top of circles that belong to layer 9
Duplicate tube, and merge down
Merge layer 9 down to 8
With your magic wand click inside all of the circles of this layer
Click on tube layer, selections, invert, delete, invert
Selections - Modify - Select selections borders
both sides, 1
new layer, flood fill with white, adjust - add noise - uniform, 100
Selections none
Back to tube layer, xero - porcelain, same settings
Change blend mode to overlay
Close your background layer and merge visible
Add sparkles of your choice
Merge down
Open your full tube, resize to fit your tag to your liking
c/p as a new layer, place in center of tag or where you like i moved mine to the right some
Add effects - xero - porcelain same as before 
Using Impact font write "FABULOUS" or another word of your liking
I used gradient on my background and null on foreground
Effects - penta - color dot - same setting as before on it
Selections - all, float, defloat, selections - modify - extract by 1
New layer, flood fill with white, adjust add noise same as before
Move this layer under gradient layer
Add a drop shadow
Go to background layer, new layer, flood fill with gradient
apply your mask
merge group
delete background layer, merge visible
Add your credits and your name
We're done!
Thanks for trying my tutorial! 


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