Monday, October 8, 2012
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FTU My Halloween Party

This tutorial was written by me on October 8, 2012.
Any similarities is purely coincidental.
If you are doing this tutorial I am assuming that you have psp knowledge.
I am using PSPX2 but any version will do.

Tube: Ariadne by Tamandya in PFD

Scrapkit: FTU Halloween Party by Bibi's Collection from Halloween Party Blogtrain
Her portion is the last one on the bottom.

Mask: Moonbeams and Spiders Mask 8 

Template: Template #82 by me HERE

Font: I used Inspiration

Plugins: dsb flux - bright noise, xero - radiance, vm extravaganza - transmission
eye candy - gradient glow

*drop shadow throughout is 0 0 50 3 unless noted different*

Open your mask and tube and minimize in your workspace

Open Template 82, ctrl + d, close original
Make your background layer visible and delete your CR layer
Image - Canvas Size - 800x800 you can crop it at the end to your liking

Go to background layer
Open paper 6, resize to 800x800, c/p as a new layer
Layers - New Mask Layer - From Image
Source window: find your mask
Create mask from source luminance
Merge Group

Go to layer 1 on template, select all, float, defloat, new layer
Open paper1, c/p into selection
Selections - modify - Select Selections borders, both sides, anti-altas, 2
New layer, flood fill with white, dsb flux - bright noise: intensity 50, mix
Selections - none, merge border down to paper, selections - none
Duplicate layer, image - mirror, move on top of layer 2 
Merge both circles together and rename layer circle
Add drop shadow
Delete layers 1 and 2

Go to layer 3
Texture effects - blinds with these settings:
width 2, opacity 20, color white, horizontal and light from left/top clicked
Change layer opacity to 50

Go to layer 4
Selections all, float, defloat, new layer
Open paper5, c/p into selection, selections - none, add drop shadow
Open ele24, c/p as a new layer
Open ele13, resize by 65%, c/p as a new layer
Delete layer 4

Go to layer 5, change opacity to 75, add dsb flux - bright noise
Same settings as before
Open ele14, c/p as a new layer, with your eraser, erase the string on the ball
See mine for placement
Add drop shadow

Go layer 7
Open your tube close up and c/p as a new layer
change your tube opacity to 50 so you can tell where you're placing the face
Click inside the square on layer 7 with your magic wand
Back to tube layer, selections - invert, delete, invert
Back to layer 7, new layer, flood fill with gradient
-I used FG/BG gradient, FG color #8153ba, BG color #c09de4
Angle 45, Repeats 3, Linear-
Plugins - VM Extravaganza - Transmission
Line width 6, Offset 0, Contrast 40
Go to tube close up, add Xero - Radiance Default
New layer, selections, select selections borders, both sides, anti-altas, 2
New layer, flood fill with white, dsb flux - bright noise: intensity 50, mix
Selections - none, merge border down to paper, selections - none
Merge tube down to gradient and border down to tube
Add drop shadow, rename square, delete layer 7

Duplicate square layer, image - mirror, place on top of layer 6
Delete layer 6 and 8

Go to layer 9, selections - all, float, defloat, new layer
Flood fill with gradient, effects, texture effects, blinds, same as above
Eye candy - gradient glow - basic: 3, 25, 100 - color: medium, dark purple
Drop shadow: 3, -3, 75, 10
Delete layer 9

Go to layer 10, dsb flux, bright noise same as above
Drop shadow: 3, -3, 75, 10
Open ele5, resize by 50% 2x, adjust - sharpen, add drop shadow
Move under layer 10 and see mine for placement
Open ele2, resize by 50%, adjust - sharpen, add drop shadow
Move to the right of your halloween, see mine for placement
Duplicate - image - mirror

Open your tube
I resized mine to 50% since they are so big from pfd
C/P as a new layer, move tube up so she's sitting on halloween
Move her to the right a little bit, add drop shadow 0 0 50 3

Close your background layer, merge visible
Add your name and copyright information

Crop tag to your liking

Thanks for trying my tutorial


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