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Friday, February 15, 2013

*click on image to view full size*

PTU Gimme Love

This tutorial was written by me on February 15, 2013.
It was made out of my own creation and any similarity is purely coincidental.
I used pspx2 but any version should work without problems.
Let's get started!

Artist: Ismael Rac

Scrapkit: Emo Kisses by Scraps By Danielle

Template: 199 by me HERE

Mask: Mask 2 by Scraps of Enchantment

Plugins: xero porcelain and radiance

Font: Southern Aire

*open your mask and minimize it in your workspace*

Open template - duplicate - close original
Delete cr layer - make background layer visible
Canvas size - 700x700 - flood fill background with white

On layer 1
Selections all - float - defloat - new layer - modify - smooth selection
smooth amount 10 - anti atlas checked - hit ok - new layer
Open paper 11 - c/p into selection - deselect - add drop shadow

Merge layer 3 down to layer 2 
Selections all - float - defloat - new layer - modify - smooth selection
smooth amount 10 - anti atlas checked - hit ok - new layer
Open paper 3 - c/p into selection - deselect - add drop shadow
Open gerber daisy - resize by 50% - place to the right
Duplicate - resize by 50% - move so its above layer 6, and move a little to left

Merge layer 5 down to 4 - add drop shadow

On layer 6
Selections all - float - defloat - new layer - modify - smooth selection
smooth amount 10 - anti atlas checked - hit ok - new layer
Open paper 1 - c/p into selection - deselect - add drop shadow

On layer 7 - adjust - add noise - uniform - 100

On layer 8 
Selections all - float - defloat - new layer - modify - smooth selection
smooth amount 10 - anti atlas checked - hit ok - new layer
with #eb288e on your foreground and white on your background 
Change your background to gradient with these settings:
angle 45 - repeat 3 - invert checked - style radial
Flood fill new layer with gradient
Open tube - c/p as new layer - place face inside square of layer 8
On layer 8 click inside it with magic wand - on tube layer - invert delete
Xero - radiance - change blend to luminance (L) - opacity to 92 - deselect

Open dice - resize by 50% 2x - c/p as new layer
Place to top left
Open kitty lollipop - resize by 50% - sharpen - c/p as new layer
Place to the left - rotate to the left some w deform tool
Open heartbox with rose - resize to 50% - sharpen - c/p as new layer
Move down some - add drop shadow
Open valentine cupcake - resize by 50% - sharpen - c/p as new layer
Place to the left - add drop shadow

Open tube - resize to 65% - c/p as new layer - place to the right
xero - porcelain - sharpen - add drop shadow

Go to background - new layer - flood fill with gradient
Layers - new mask layer - from image
find your mask in source window - hit ok
merge group - delete background layer - merge visible
With Southern Aire font - 72pt - black background - pink foreground
Write Gimme Love - add drop shadow - move to top left - merge down
Add credits and your name


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